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Cloud Optimize for Compute Services

Setting Up and Connecting to AWS for Densify Data Collection

This module shows you how to connect to AWS to retrieve resource utilization data from CloudWatch and billing data. The module includes how to configure your AWS accounts for Densify data collection as well as how to create the connections from Densify for ongoing data retrieval and analysis.

Welcome to Densify Training

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Creating Reports in Densify

This course includes three modules that allow you to publish custom reports in Densify. Module I shows you how to publish an existing dashboard in Densify. Module II shows you how to create a simple dashboard in Densify's Business Intelligence tool and then publish it as a report. Module III shows the more advanced features of Densify's Business Intelligence framework.

Introduction to Policy for Cloud

This course provides an introduction to cloud policy settings in Densify.

Optimizing Auto Scaling Groups

This course explores how Densify optimizes AWS auto scale groups to define both the best instance type and scaling range for the group.

Optimizing with Cloud Cost Intelligence

This course shows you how to use Densify's Cloud Cost Intelligence module.

Optimizing Your Container Resources

This course shows you how to set up and initiate a scheduled data collection for your containers environment. After data collection and your environment has been analyzed, you then will be shown how to review your recommendations in Densify for automation or manual actioning after socializing results with stakeholders.